RDP Tuesday: sawyer

Good morning! Happy Ragtag Daily Prompt and my word is SAWYER.

I am thinking of the meaning related to forestry, but use whichever meaning you want!

I still think the bird in the picture looks pretty weird when it is sitting in a tree. At least the trees out here are big enough to hold it!

Attach your stories, poems, rants and sliced of burnt wood to today’s post and have a really wonderful day.



    1. See saw Margery Daw, Jackie will have a new master, he shall have but a penny a day, because he can’t work any faster!


    1. Lovely! I really like good tools! My kids and father and I built a small boat at the Wooden Boat .. in Port Townsend years ago. We paid for the three days and the wood and plans were supplied. My father brought tools, but there were also local woodworkers there to help us. We built a ‘Nuf, a ten foot flat bottomed canoe that weighs about 30 pounds, in three days. Every time I got to watch our woodworker use a tool, I learned how to do it better. My seven year old daughter said, “Mom, let go of the drill.” to do it herself, and my 12 year old son did the countersinks. It was really really fun.


      1. I don’t think so, unless it’s a tourist, because I took it on the Olympic Peninsula. I was about two blocks from my house.

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