RDP Tuesday: liars

Happy Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday and the word is LIARS.

I have just recognized some really stupid mean and venal liars in my life. Except: they are not in my life any more. It feels really good. Some of them have been lying to me for 21 years, which appalls me. What is the matter with them? Why don’t they do volunteer work or help someone? Though I think they were told stories about me…. but they never had the sense to check. Morons. My sister was so smart. I miss her terribly right now, my dragon sister that would understand if I discussed this with her.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and photograph the liars, write about them, expose them, get them out of your life, put them at arms length and leave them there, put them in time out…..put them under the electron micrograph and try to figure out why they are stupid and venal. Enjoy!

female doctor puppet on oxygen tank, comforting a monster puppet, also on an oxygen tank
My doctor self comforting my inner monsters.



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