RDP Tuesday: hypoxic

Very happy Ragtag Daily Prompt and today’s word is hypoxic.

I will bet that you know what hypoxic means, especially with the news from India. I am so grateful that I have oxygen. My son asked what I want for Mother’s Day and I said, Please, send some money to a nonprofit for oxygen for people in India. I really am having trouble watching that part of the news both because I am a physician AND because it took me 5 weeks of this round of pneumonia to realize that I was hypoxic. However, my brain doesn’t work right when I am hypoxic. It interests me that neither the ER doctor or my primary thought of it: maybe they are hypoxic too! Someone go test them. Now that I am on oxygen it seems sort of obvious: if the heart rate is jumping to 124 when the person walks, um, 60 to 100 is normal, so that is either a heart problem or a lung problem and if they have pneumonia….. well, it just might be a lung problem.

Anyhow, attach you pictures, crayon drawings, oxygen saturations, pulmonary function test results, photographs or poetry written during delirium, and have a very happy Tuesday.



  1. I remember working a prominent EENT hospital in Massachusetts in the ’60’s few of the prominent MD’s on staff could effectively diagnose common underlying conditions – including hypertension, and maybe hypoxia too. It was a major ruckus ( but quietly within the fraternity) when they had to be retrained on what they should have learned in internship and residency. So yeah, You may be right. the ER docs may not have noticed.

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    1. Took me four pneumonias, two with sepsis symptoms, to realize that I need oxygen. Hypoxia when I walk or sit up at first and later when I try to carry anything. I switched to a super light purse right away. You’d think I’d figure it out. But…. I was very very ill. What is my physician’s excuse? Hello, heart rate of 135 when I walked across the room WAY back in 2005. Now oxygen seems STUPIDLY OBVIOUS. But… I think we should test the post covid people VERY CAREFULLY. Walk them with the two bags of groceries they have to carry in the house, or the 2 year old they have to pick up. I will bet that they get hypoxic. Yesterday the respiratory therapist suggested that I put my pack down while we did the walk test. I replied, “I would like to keep it on, because I want to walk the beach and I would need to take an extra oxygen tank and my camera and phone and purse and binoculars and my bird book…. ” Walking around with the stuff, yes, absolutely, I dropped to 88% sat right away and a little later to 87%. Yep, qualify for oxygen. We should be testing patients with what they need to carry, not empty arms.


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