RDP Tuesday: encephalopathy

Happy Ragtag Daily Prompt and today’s word is a mouthful: encephalopathy.

At least it is an easy word to spell, right? I am thinking of it in the context of myalgic encphalopathy, which is what the Europeans call chronic fatigue. Myalgic encephalopathy sounds a lot more dangerous, doesn’t it? If I have to have one or the other, I’ll go for the impressive sounding name….

Link your poems, databases, lego brain models, poodles trimmed to resemble a brain and whatever else to today’s post and have a great Tuesday!



    1. oh, heh, will see if I can top it…… in a future post…. there is LOTS of medical weird terminology. The lingula of the lung for example. In medical school we decided that the Romans were obsessed with the tongue because they used lingula for body parts a lot….


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