RDP Tuesday: pneumonia

Happy Ragtag Daily Prompt and today’s word is pneumonia.

My lungs are hurting! I do not have covid-19, but I have gotten walking pneumonia. I have finished antibiotics and now it’s matter of patience until my lungs get better. It is looking like it may take a while.

Link your pictures, electron micrographs, pulmonary tests, crayon drawings and stories and have a wonderful Tuesday!



  1. I had to look up the term “walking pneumonia” and although a lot better than COVID I’m sure it’s no fun either. But recovery is on the horizon so be patient and get well soon!

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      1. Excess mortality rate since COVID is around is indubitable proof that COVID is deadly. This has been shown over and over again, sometimes very graphically with the images from hospitals. In addition, 10% of those who had COVID have problems associated with “long COVID”, according to the latest figures. “Walking pneumonia” is in comparison (subject to what I’ve read this morning, I was not aware of this subgenre of pneumonia) a comparatively benign ailment.

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      2. Thanks for that info. I was relying on a podcast I had heard last week but I guess there are new findings almost daily. In any case, the news are such that I am not going to test COVID personally if I can help it. I am waitig for the day when I can finally get vaccinated.

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      3. I would gently reply that I think the people who have had 3 and more family members die disagree with you.


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