RDP Saturday: Operation

Happy weekend! The prompt for today is Operation

This word has so many different meanings and usage!


  1. an act or instance, process, or manner of functioning or operating.
  2. the state of being operative (usually preceded by in or into): a rule no longer in operation.
  3. the power to act; efficacy, influence, or force.
  4. the exertion of force, power, or influence; agency: the operation of alcohol on the mind.
  5. a process of a practical or mechanical nature in some form of work or production: a delicate operation in watchmaking.
  6. a course or procedure of productive or industrial activity: building operations.
  7. a particular process or course: mental operations.
  8. a business transaction, especially one of a speculative nature; deal: a shady operation.
  9. a business, especially one run on a large scale: a multinational operation.
  10. Surgery. a procedure aimed at restoring or improving the health of a patient, as by correcting a malformation, removing diseased parts, implanting new parts, etc.
  11. Mathematics. a mathematical process, as addition, multiplication, or differentiation.
    The action of applying a mathematical process to a quantity or quantities.
  12. Military. a campaign, mission, maneuver, or action.
    Usually operations. the conduct of a campaign, mission, etc.
    operations, a headquarters, office, or place from which a military campaign, air traffic to and from an airfield, or any of various other activities, is planned, conducted, and controlled.
    operations, the people who work at such a headquarters.

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