“His high forehead, aquiline nose, and longish chin were softened by nut-brown eyes and a gentle smile, one that suggested he was always prepared to think the best of people. — Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death by James Runcie

Our Prompt word for today is NUT-BROWN

I thought it was time to do another colour prompt. It’s always fun to see what responses fellow bloggers come up with. And since there are so many nuts to choose from…

As always, everyone’s welcome to join the challenge. Do a post showing what NUT-BROWN suggests to you and link yours to this post by ping-back or copy-paste your link below. Tag your post RDP and Ragtag Daily Prompt so other bloggers can find it, and take a gander at the other pingbacks below to check out others’ interpretations of this prompt.

*Nuts image by Matt Trostle at Pixabay



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