Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Mouse

The prompt for today is Mouse.

I thought Mouse was appropriate being Christmas Eve. You know, “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse”

How many ways you can find to interpret the prompt? This prompt an easy one for our photographers and our writers who I am sure will be creative.

Your fabulous post can be anything – poetry, prose, a drawing, a photograph, wherever this word sends you.

Compose a post on your interpretation of “Mouse” and go wild. You know the rules. Use #RagtagDailyPrompt #RDP or #Photography as tags. Pingback your posts to this page or copy-paste your links in this posts comment thread. And while you’re around, browse through the thoughts and ideas of the posts other bloggers have created.

Just read, write, click, share. We love to hear and see it all!

Ragtag Daily Prompt, RDP



  1. I was not only tempted to gift you with my computer mouse but also with a eviscerated mouse (courtesy of our cat Henry) but — not on Christmas eve. Have a socially appropriate festive season, Brian!

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    1. Oh Elke, Henry’s mouse would have been excellent 🐀 😂 I am expecting many a computer mouse photo. Enjoy your celebration of choice. It’s Christmas all the way at my besties as she has grandies 🤗😀

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  2. ATM. No Give Rupee

    This is based on a report in our local paper

    In India an ATM
    Stopped dead and wouldn’t zip
    Rupee notes when asked to
    Out of it’s slit lip

    Rupee-wanting Indians were
    Puzzled by this beast
    Which all at once did utter
    “Inside there is a feast”

    Runners of the ATM
    Did hear about this feast
    And wanted to examine
    Inside this feasting beast

    You won’t believe what they did find
    Inside their beast’s storehouse
    Twenty-five thousand dollars worth
    Chewed up, and one dead mouse

    Don Matthews July 2018

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