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Hello everyone!

Wishing all of you a very happy Diwali. As we celebrate the festival of lights, may it drive away the darkness of prejudice, fear and greed. May it bring the light of happiness and contentment to your hearts. The prompt for today, 14th November 2020, is “Luminescence”!

Compose a post inspired by the prompt. Please tag your post with “RDP”,”Ragtag Daily Prompt” or “Luminescence”.
You can link to this post creating a pingback or paste the URL of your post in the comments section.

Kindly don’t forget to read other responses to the prompt.

Enjoy your Saturday.


      1. I just spend a good half hour to find Diwali greetings in German on the net. Apparently even here you wish a happy Diwali in English. But it was for a student in my German class, so how could I?

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  1. Death of a Candle

    This is how
    it decided to end it’s life
    Just gave up

    It’s spirit spiralling upwards
    staying around in transparent etherial clouds
    until disappearing
    into the gloomy night

    Don Matthews October 2017

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  2. Hi Punam. I remember you. Part silly, part playful….

    I wrote two parts to Death of a Candle. Above was part 1. In hindsight I should have included part 2 which I will now do. Thankyou for your comments. It took a while to develop but I was I was pleased with the final result. Don

    Death of a Candle (2)

    Killed in it’s prime
    Strangled between fingers
    Around it’s blackened throat

    A serial killer
    He’s done this many times before
    Feels nothing in the fingers (tools of trade)
    Doesn’t care – on automatic

    Candle’s life ebbs away

    It’s spirit spirals upwards
    Hovering in transparent etherial clouds
    Finally disappearing
    Into the gloomy night

    Don Matthews October 2017

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