The word for today is TOUGH .

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  1. Wow! I’m up first again?

    Christine I managed TIDBIT
    But this one’s shocking, TOUGH
    What am I gonna do with it
    Here’s something off the cuff….

    ….sgeoil (sorry don’t know your name)

    I never turn a challenge down
    Us Aussies are bred TOUGH
    Despite me having heart of gold
    ‘Round edges am bit rough

    Do I pass today’s challenge?…..

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      1. Oh Thankyou Heather.

        I’ve just learnt Sue’s middle name is Action an’ she gets up at crack’o’dawn to milk the cows so there’s no way I’m gonna first her….

        I’m pleased you awake to my little rhyme. Bit like mummy used to wake you up in the morning hey?

        Heather child come waken up
        Hear the birdies chirp?
        I have your porridge in a bowl
        Wake up it’s time to slurp

        I can’t here any birdies chirping mummy?….

        Oh? and you never ate porridge….

        There ya go…..

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      1. Life’s tough….You must’ve been action girl while I was still fluffing around. You’ve sent me into another flurry of verse. TOUGH luck Don as you say

        Tried hard to beat Sue UU
        Forgot she’s Action Girl
        While I was still a’fluffing round
        Her pingback she uncurled

        Hey? just discovered why we call W UU. Ancient Roman alphabet had no W so they used UU, double U, in it’s place

        How’s about that Sue?

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