Image: skeeze — Pixabay

We’ve seen, or will see, a number of provincial elections this fall in Canada; tomorrow voters here in Sask. go to the polls. Will the present government be re-elected or will it topple and a new party take control?

Our prompt word for today is TOPPLE

Everyone’s welcome to contribute. In word and/or picture, do a post showing what today’s word says to you. Once you’ve posted your response, do a pingback to this post (see ABOUT) or copy your post’s link and paste it in the comments below.
(Note: If you do attempt a pingback and it doesn’t show up as such in the comments below, please copy-paste. We don’t want to lose your inspiration in the SPAM folder.)

Use the tags RagtagDailyPrompt and RDP, plus whatever other tags suit your response: Stories, Memoirs, Poetry, Poems, Pictures, Photography, Writing prompt, etc. (WordPress allows us a combo of up to fifteen tags and categories).

Then take a few minutes to check out the links below and see all the inspirations other bloggers have had about the idea of TOPPLE.



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