Hello everyone!

The end of October is near and just two months left for the next year. It feels strange to think that most of this year many of us barely stepped out of our homes, except for essentials, emergencies and or such. The prompt for today, 24th October 2020, is “Strange”!

Use “Ragtag Daily Prompt” , “RDP” , and “Strange” as tags for your post. If you are sharing a picture, add “photo”. You can pingback your post or leave a link in the comment box. While you are at it, please show some love to fellow bloggers.

Stay safe.




  1. This is strange … (no, not your photo, that is strangely wonderful but not what I mean). I can see your photo in the preview, either in my feed or when I click on your “home” but NOT in the actual post. 🤔

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    1. I’ll check and see what can be done. I added the image in the exact same way I always do.
      Thanks for letting me know. But don’t be surprised if it is still not visible in the actual post because I am not very tech savvy!🙂

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