Carpet cat 2
Image: BarbeeAnne — Pixabay

Our prompt word for today is CARPET

Lots of ways to go with this prompt. You can carpet your home, walk through a carpet of leaves, or even be called on the carpet by your mom or boss.

Please join us in the fun! Share your memories or impressions of this prompt, in a poem, story, photo, or whatever. Once you’ve posted your response on your blog, do a pingback or copy and paste your link in the comments below. (See ABOUT for pingback directions.)

Please tag your post with “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt” so other prompt followers will find it. Then take a few minutes to check out the links below and read the many interesting responses others have posted.



  1. I love the prompt. And I love the photo of the cat – that could be our Henry – except: we don’t have carpets in our house. 🙂 So I went outside (sometime in spring, that was).

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