“He was a windbag. He made a great many orations, and I imagine he did a very good job, but he was still a windbag”
― Harry Truman

I don’t know who’s being described here, but this quote made me smile and I think the word will be flexible enough to make a good prompt. So do a post with a story, a poem, or a photograph, to give us some ideas of a WINDBAG. Have fun!

Remember to tag your post “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt” (and whatever other tags work for your blog), and create a pingback or copy/paste your post link in the comments. Then take a tour of the links below and see how other bloggers have illustrated the prompt word.

— Image by TanteLoe at Pixabay



      1. Thanks, Christine. You guys saved the day when the WP prompt abandoned us. Still don’t know why they did that. It couldn’t have taken that much effort for a huge org. to maintain it.. But, I enjoy 5 prompts five times as much. Like trying to make diverse elements into a tasty meal.

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      2. And you do very well to weave them into verses!
        I can’t claim any credit for the groundwork myself; I only took over last Dec when another prompter bowed out. I was so excited to be offered this role, over the next two weeks my mind overflowed with prompt ideas. When the list topped fifty words I knew I’d better cool it awhile. 😉

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