RDP Friday – Settle

Everyone I talk to these days talks about getting back to “normal”, whereas I am thinking more and more like we just need to accept, if not embrace, today.  So, today’s word is all about settling in to the way things are in the present moment…Settle.  I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations in words, images, poems, videos, and whatever other creations you come up with…have fun!

Don’t forget to tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt” (and whatever other tags work for your blog), and to create a pingback or copy/paste your post link in the comments. Then take a tour and enjoy the many interpretations of Settle!




    1. I hope you’ve found it. There’s a little bar above your writing that has several symbols and one of these is the symbol for the link–an oblong o. Highlight your text, like the words “Ragtag Daily prompt”, then hit this o.
      When you click a box appears where you can paste your link, Copy the link you wish to add, paste it into the box, and then hit the arrow. Voila, the link is embedded. I’ve been experimenting with various aspects of the block Editor myself.

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      1. Christine–thank you so much. That was about the only thing that frustrated me, so I will give it a shot. Why could they not make this easier? Or just kept the old editor? **grumble grumble** I really appreciate your help.

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      1. This is crazy! So many buttons and I don’t even know what they do! I spent a few hours today trying to play around and then ‘preview.’ You’re a writer–good luck, Linda! I just want to link to some sites to post a photo. This should not consume so much time. Should be interesting….

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      2. As far as the em-dash goes, I think it will automatically appear wherever you hit the reg dash (-) three times. What has given me grief is working with images. If you use the Image block to insert an image and position it, it seems you can’t edit or move it without a lot of fiddling. If you insert an “Inline image” it appears at the left margin, you can resize, but not move it. On the other hand, changing it is easy; done with a key stroke (Replace.)
        If you select the Verse block, as I did today, and then accidentally back-space so it gets into the paragraph or the image caption before it, your verse structure is all gone. ZIp. I moaned and deleted my post, but fortunately a Draft had been saved from before the last move, so I could get into and edit that.


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