RDP Wednesday – PEDANTIC

Our prompt for today is “pedantic”.

Adjective: excessively concerned with minor details or rules.

What does the word mean to you? Compose a post and share your interpretation of the day’s prompt in words or pictures. You know the rules. Use “ragtag daily prompt” , “RDP” , and “pedantic” as tags. Add “photo” if you’re sharing a picture, as specific tags make your posts easier for fellow bloggers to find you. Pingback your posts to this page or copy-paste your links in the comment thread here. And while you’re around, browse through the other posts bloggers have worked on.


    1. No. That’s a good question. I’ve gone to the Reader to see what comes up with either. All I can tell is that some people are using RDP and not the full words, so there are a few more posts under RDP. As near as I can tell, one or the other would be enough — as far as appearing in the READER is concerned.


      1. Thanks so much, Christine–if it’s better to use RDP, I’d like to just use that one. I tend to use too many tags, and WP says that’s working against me. Who knows? 🙂


    2. The full form is for new members who might not be aware of our daily prompt concept. The regulars use the abbreviation. Using the full form does increase your article’s visibility on the internet as a whole. Newbie bloggers, writers, poets often look for prompts to write on. So if they’re not following this page and do a random search, ragtag daily prompts would show up. RDP is known among the followers of this page. You can use either tag – the difference is in the reach of readers.


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