Good morning, fellow bloggers.

Our prompt word today is ENGLISH

beachy-head-950966_640(1)What comes to your mind when you think of England and English? London Bridge, Big Ben, the Royals and their palaces? English manors, country gardens, roses? English china and high teas with crumpets and clotted cream?
Maybe you think of the English history and language, Shakespeare, English grammar, or the anguish of English spelling? Seas Sees Seize the opportunity to share your impressions here.

In prose, poetry or photos, show what comes to your mind re: ENGLISH. Once you’ve done a post on your own blog, create a pingback or paste the URL of your response in the comments box below. (To learn how to create pingbacks, CLICK HERE.)

Please tag you posts Ragtag Daily Prompt and RDP so other bloggers can find them. You may also want to consider tags like Poetry, Poems, Photos, Travel, Thoughts, Stories, and/or Fiction. When you’ve done your own post, take a few minutes to click on the links below and see how other bloggers have responded to ENGLISH.



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