Our prompt word this morning is WANDER

Reading a book of haiku poems one day, I was touched by the sense of loss woven into this verse written by Japanese poet Chiyo-ni (1703 – 1775) after her son’s death.

dragonfly searching
son, how far will we wander
today and next day

Haiku poet Alan Summers has given this translation from the original Japanese.
Another translation renders the first line as “my little dragonfly hunter.”
Photo credit: Lich Dinh at Pixabay

All bloggers are welcome to post an experience, a story, poem or photo, showing how the word WANDER impresses you. Tag your post RDP and Ragtag Daily Prompt so other searchers can easily find it. Once you’ve posted your response on your blog, do a pingback (instructions here) to link your post with the others below. Then take a few minutes to see how the other bloggers have responded to this prompt.



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