“Gather ye rosebuds as ye may,
old Time is still a flying…”
— Robert Herrick (1591-1674)

And doesn’t it, though! Just a few more days and we’ll be ushering in another new year, so I’ll take this chance to all our readers a Happy New Year. May you garner many happy memories as you go through 2020.

Our word for today is FUGACIOUS, which, according to Merriam-Webster, “derives from the Latin verb fugere, which means “to flee.”

For me it’s a new word to start my new year, though I know its cousins, refuge and fugitive. You can toss them into your response, too, if you like. I’m looking forward to seeing how you decide to portray fugacious, in prose, poems, images, or whatever other medium you choose.

Don’t forget to tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt” (and whatever other tags work for your story, photo, or poem.) Either create a pingback or copy/paste your post link in the comments below so others can read your response. Then check out the other links below to see how others have interpreted the word FUGACIOUS.



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