Hello everyone. My name is Christine, I’m a blogger and writer living on the flat — and right now chilly — Canadian prairie. I’m taking over from Gael as Sunday prompter.

Dec 1st has always been a red-letter day on my calendar, being my Mom’s birthday for 90 years and later a very good friend’s birthday as well. Today it gets another circle as my First Day posting here at the Ragtag Daily Prompts. So today’s word will be CALENDAR.

Do you have some days circled on your calendar this month — the date of a family gathering, Christmas party, anniversary of some special event? Do you give calendars as gifts? I hope this prompt will inspire you to write something related to calendars and maybe red-letter days.

Everyone is welcome to join in and post a response to this prompt: poetry, prose, artwork or a photograph. Create a pingback to your post or paste the URL of your post into the comments below. You’ll find directions for creating a pingback HERE.

So other readers can find your post, please tag it with Ragtag Daily Prompt and RDP. (Depending on what you write, you may also use tags like Blogging, Poetry, Poems, Photos, Stories, and/or Fiction.) Also, take a few minutes to follow the links below and see what other bloggers have posted in response to this prompt.



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