When I was a child I was ‘horsecrazy’. All I wanted was a horse. I read every book I could that featured horses. I imagined myself on the Black Stallion on a deserted island. Then it was the Red Stallion. Then it was National Velvet.

I got a hobbyhorse. And I rode it everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. Mother would not take my stallion into the local grocery store or the dress shop or even the hardware store.

But our backyard was a racetrack for imaginary races which, of course, I always won.

So I challenge you to find inspiration in the word, with all its connotations of innocence, and use it in a post. Publish that post with a pingback to this post and the tags of ‘RDP’, “Ragtag Daily Prompt’ and ‘hobbyhorse’.

With those memories and the many memories that I have of being part of the Ragtag Daily Prompt, I bid you farewell. Life has taken a different direction and I must follow it, at least for now. This has been a fun and wonderful experience. And I thank each and every member of this group for their support and encouragements.

Happy Sunday to you all.



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