Hello everyone!

‘Tis the wedding season where I live. If we overlook the pollution (which is not possible), it is a lovely time to get married; there is a nip in the air and thus a wonderful time to dress up! The wedding venues are a sight to behold and the variety of food served is mind-boggling!

Some believe in simplicity but others mostly go over the top!
The prompt for today, 23rd Nov 2019 is “Ostentatious“! Go all out with the prompt and see where it leads you. Post pics, poems, prose or whatever you fancy. Link back to this post or leave a link in the comments.

Don’t forget to use “Ragtag Daily Prompt” , “RDP” , and “Ostentatious ” as tags. If you are sharing a picture, add “photo”. While you are at it, please show some love to your fellow bloggers.

Have fun and do forgive me if I am late in visiting your blog; I am attending a wedding tonight! 😀




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