RDP- Sunday- Forgetful

I could swear (well, reasonably assert) that I had written and scheduled the word for this Sunday.

Being a semi-reasonable person, I went to double check.

It wasn’t there.

At least I could find it.

Maybe I forgot to do it. Maybe I did it and forgot to actually schedule it. Maybe I forgot where I put it….

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for Sunday is FORGETFUL!

Do have fun with this! Especially if I did schedule one and it shows up as well.

Just use the word to inspire you to create a post. Set a pingback to this post and use the tags ‘RDP’, ‘Ragtag Daily Prompt’, and ‘Forgetful’. (Don’t forget to do that!!)

Then read what other people have posted. That is half the fun!

Happy Sunday! (It is Sunday, isn’t it???)



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