It’s Friday, and my turn for the Ragtag Daily Prompt. Today’s word is TRANSITION. What does transition inspire in you?  Share your creation with us via pingback or a link in the comments below.

I’m finishing my stint with RDP, which began when WordPress decided to stop providing daily prompts back in May of 2018. I posted the first Ragtag Daily Prompt on June 1 (the word was redux ). As we began, we were indeed very ragtag, with 7 prompters, each posting once a week from our individual blog sites.  Not too much later, Ping Toh kindly offered to set up the ragtag community site. Thanks, Ping, your hard work and technical know how has made a huge difference! Now I offer my final prompt, and Ragtag will continue on.  Next Friday, you’ll be prompted by Emily, whose blog is Zombie Flamingos. Welcome Emily, and good luck and best wishes to you all.  I hope to continue writing my blog from time to time (surely life will settle down–HA!) and when a prompt inspires, I’ll use it. Thanks again to all the prompters over these past 14 months and to all of you readers and participants.



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