RDP Saturday: CHANGE

And from next week, it’s all change on Saturday’s RDP page.  I’m taking my leave of you, and instead, the Saturday challenge will be provided by Marilyn.

One of the joys of being in the Ragtag Team has been the opportunity to be confronted by so many different blogs: wry blogs; humorous blogs; thoughtful blogs; poetic blogs; blogs with cracking photos.  One of the very earliest sites to catch my eye was Marilyn’s – Serendipity – Seeking intelligent life on Earth.  There is no subject that she’s afraid to tackle.  Serious or light-hearted, she’ll get you thinking.

Some of you have been interested enough to seek out my blog too:  From Pyrenees to Pennines, which used to explore my life in France, but is now based in northern England.

So today’s word is change.  What will you make of it?

Thanks all of you, for enriching my Saturdays.  I’ll miss you all.

Photo from Ross Findon via Unsplash.


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