Happy Monday!!

Today’s prompt is BREEZE .

Please tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt”.
Create a pingback or copy and paste your link in the comments below. Having trouble with a pingback? Check out our about for directions. Then, don’t forget to spend some time reading all the wonderful contributions we’ve been getting here at Ragtag Daily Prompt.



  1. I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve had a lot of problems with Pingbacks and WordPress has informed me that the RagTag site has my pings going into its Spam box. Probably daily. Can I ask you to approve them and hopefully it will cure the problem for me. I have resorted to posting in your comments box each day so my posts are seen, but today that didn’t work for me either. My friend Punam actually managed to post my link for me and it appeared in your comments. I’d appreciate it.
    Many thanks, Christine


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