Ragtag- Sunday–WARP

I am often warping on a warping board. Throwing thread around pegs and tying them together. Unless you are a weaver on know a weaver, you have not clue what I am talking about.

2015-02-07 14.23.22

This language of ours, whether English or Spanish or Italian or German or Chinese or Japanese (need I go for more?) has words and phrases that can mean several things. It is context. We, as writers, are aware of this. But we often forget to look for all the meanings that what we write or say conveys.

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is WARP

Take a shot at this one. See what it means for you. See what it might mean for others. Get inspired to explore the word.

Have FUN! Then set a pingback to this post and tag your post with ‘RDP’, ‘Ragtag Daily’ Prompt, and ‘ Warp’.

Have a great Sunday!



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