I had the good fortune to travel to the End of the World–Ushiaia, Argentina.

2018-02-03 09.05.04-1

While there I took a picture of a fascinating tree.

2018-01-23 14.23.22

There has been much discussion regarding the image and the name of that image. It hangs on my office wall now and is called Returning Goddess.

Most of that trip comes to me as pictures in my mind. Places, sounds, smells, people (not necessarily in that order). Do you have pictures in your mind? Do you have places, sounds, smells, people that live in your mind? Mental pictures of your life?

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is PICTURE.

Tell us about your pictures either mental or physical. Show us what they are. Then post your creation here with a pingback to this post. Use the tags “RDP”, Ragtag Daily Prompt”. and “Picture”.

Come back by and read what others have left. This will be a lot of fun.

Happy Sunday!



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