RDP- Sunday–Closet

Spring is here. The frogs and the birds are singing happy tunes. Out here the night sounds include a little bobcat, mountain lion, badger and skunk (the neighbors leave out catfood for them! Yuck!) I could sit on the porch all night and listen to those neighbors of the animal kingdom.

But alas, my days are filled with the thought that I must open the house, sweep the floors, wash the windows, and (oh, no, not this!!!) dust.

To avoid that I turn to my closet. The place where fabric seems to expand (in more ways than one). But this year I have shrunk. By a little over 30 pounds. So the Spring cleaning will begin there.

The RDP for this Spring Sunday is CLOSET.

What’s in your closet? Is it scary? Is it inspiring? Is it old? Is it new? Do your monsters live there?

Tell us about it in verse, prose or photograph. Tag your post with “RDP”, “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “closet”. Set a pingback to this post. Then read what other submit.

I will be in the bottom of my closet chasing shoes.



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