I thought of peacocks and other gaudy birds: I thought of sumptuous silks and lustrous Moorish tiles. I thought of dazzling prose and scintillating photographs. I thought of irridescence.

I found this photo of a beetle on Unsplash. He’s perfectly irridescent. What can you come up with?


  1. Heads up, dictionary.com claims that it is spelled iridescence! I looked it up because I want to use iridescent in my title! This is over -RRR’ed.


      1. I wonder if it relates to how individual prompters have set up the discussion on their personal site? My own site is set up to block those that have 8 or more hyperlinks. Perhaps when it is my day to the Ragtag prompt it applies that restriction to all the contribution received on Ragtag that day. Others may have a lower threshold that bumps. All total speculation on my part of course.

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