Living in a rural setting where the roads are unpaved and the most abundant flora are sagebrush, oak and pine, the most prevalent organic matter is–


Gritty, dusty, brown, grey, black, red, it all mingles on the bottom of shoe, foot and paw. It mingles in the furry coats of the canines and felines. It is carried by the winds and spread to the ends of the earth.

Mostly it likes to hide under couch, cabinet and bed.

Brushed away. Sucked up. Maybe just ignored.

We all have it. We sometimes play in it. Does it bring a memory or thought or feeling? Just plain ol’ clean dirt (as my mother used to say). A basic structure to our lives.

Let us know what it means to you. Post your prose, poetry, pictures or whatever medium you choose. Use the tags “RDP”, “Ragtag Daily Prompt” and “dirt”.

Add water and bake. You have mud pies!!!



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