Admin Notice – Ch Ch Changes

Hi Ragtag Community

We just want to let you know that there have been a couple changes in our Prompt team and their scheduled days.

As MNL from Cactus Haiku mentioned on Saturday, she is retiring as our Saturday prompter.  On behalf of the Ragtag team, I would like to thank MNL for her wonderful prompt words and her contribution to making the Ragtag Daily Prompt such a success.

The Saturday prompt will now be issued by Margaret21 from From Pyrenees to Pennines.  Margaret was previously our Tuesday prompter.

Drkottaway from KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog is the newest member of the team.  Dr Kottoway has kindly volunteered to provide us with the Tuesday prompt.  We hope you make Dr Kottoway welcome.  Please be mindful that there may be some teething issues as she learns the ropes.

Kind Regards
Tracy (Reflections of an Untidy Mind)
on behalf of the Ragtag Team.




  1. Many thanks to MNL and the Ragtag Group and everyone else….made my first error already and posted 12 hours early, but I will learn. I also had a moment of panic looking for the banner, but found it.

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