Here is the Ragtag Daily Prompt for Thursday, 6 December 2018  —  PUTRESCENT.
Create a post (words/images/both) inspired by this word!  

I was recently engaged in a fun little movie challenge game on another popular social media site.  Well, one thing led to another and someone lamented how difficult it was to get a lead in to using the word ‘putrescent’ in conversation or other forms of communication.  Aha, I thought.  This might be a challenge the Ragtag Community might enjoy.  I’m sure you are all up to it.  If you are, link to this post by creating a pingback, or paste the URL of your post into the comments below. Then, tag your post – “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, “RDP” and “Putrescent”. 

And if you can guess which movie this word comes from, make a note of it in your post.

Happy posting.

Kind Regards

Struggling with your Pingback?  Instructions are provided on the Ragtag Community About page.



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