Hello Ragtaggers. Once again, its Friday, and that’s today’s prompt, FRIDAY. Use it any way you like and share your creation with us via pingback. Follow the comments and see what others have come up with. Enjoy!


  1. Reblogged this on Curious Steph and commented:

    I usually write my Friday prompt on Thursday, as it goes up early in my morning. i didn’t get to it until Thursday night, as my week was a little discombobulated due to travel. The rhythm is a bit off. Funnily enough, I awakened this morning to find that MNL had put up her Saturday morning post as well. Lot of discombobulation going around. Respond and post as you will!


      1. Especially if you are in Australia and already confused by time differences. Had the group considered uploading the posts and using the scheduler to make sure they appear at a set time every day? Maybe 24 hours after the previous one if time zones make that difficult.

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