RDP Saturday – Drench

Ragtag Daily Prompt of the day : drench
Saturday, October 27, 2018

Create a new post inspired by today’s prompt. Feel free to be inspired to write fiction, nonfiction or create photos, art.

I love this verb.  It’s so easy to picture and you can do a lot with it from drenched in blood or drenched in fear for Halloween to drenched in sweat, furs, water or anything if you don’t want to go all Halloweeny.  To me, it’s one of the words that evoke different images depending on time of year.  During Halloween, I get this image of Carrie after the bucket fell.  During the Arizona monsoons, I often see sudden storms drenching the streets in water. And of course during the summer, it evokes images of the sea.  However, I didn’t know about the meaning of giving a shot to an animal until I checked the definition for this post.  That’s a new one on me.  No matter what your write, photograph or create, have fun with it.


transitive verb
1 : to wet thoroughly (as by soaking or immersing in liquid)
2 : to soak or cover thoroughly with liquid that falls or is precipitated
3 : to fill or cover completely as if by soaking or precipitation was drenched in furs and diamonds— Richard Brautigan
4a : to administer a drench to (an animal)
4b archaic : to force to drink

1 : a poisonous or medicinal drink specifically : a large dose of medicine mixed with liquid and put down the throat of an animal
2a : something that drenches
b : a quantity sufficient to drench or saturate


definition from Merriam-Webster


Please tag it “RDP” and/or “Ragtag Daily Prompt”. Also create a pingback  (copy and paste this url into the word). If the pingback doesn’t work, copy your link in the comments below. Do give pingbacks a little time.  Occasionally random pingbacks end up in the spam folder — don’t worry, we all check it regularly and will fish folks out and approve them.




  1. I think I have figured out what makes my pingbacks work sometimes immediately and other times not. If I pingback to four prompts at a time, they tend not to go through. If I write to only your prompt and pingback just to it, it always goes through immediately. I think WordPress interprets multiple pingbacks as spam. I may be wrong, but I believe this is the answer to the problem. I don’t know if there is any way you can remedy this, and I’d be interested in others who follow multiple prompts in the same post to test this out as well.

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    1. I’m on wordpress.org and not .com so my experience might be different. I think there may be something in what you say but it’s erratic. Sometimes when I have more than one pingback going on, they all go through and sometimes they don’t. Having only one pingback does seem to be more consistent but on occasion only one still doesn’t go through. Sometimes it’s something on their end because on occasion when my pingback doesn’t go through to the same place;others have had the same experience. When that happens, I send them a note that it’s not just happening to me — usually it gets fixed quickly when that happens but there was one time it was a couple weeks. It was noticeable because a group of us were doing The Daily Prompt back then so we noticed when several of us had pingbacks that didn’t work. I can’t really track when I land in people’s spam folders although I do know it has happened on occasion because people have told me. I can track when a pingback doesn’t show on a blog by checking the page. Some sites moderate though so that has to be taken into consideration. Problem is WP should have a mechanism for unmarking people from spam so that if you’ve unmarked them once, it doesn’t happen again. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. That’s why on my own blog I moderate and don’t let them take care of my spam. I don’t trust that they won’t throw away real people’s comments. Some people trust the spam works and lets it throw away spam automatically without even looking at it. Ragtag we check our spam to ensure people can get through. A few people end up in it each day. You’re not the only one. We fish them out when that happens.

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      1. I, too, let WP moderate my spam but I check it occasionally to fish people out, or my friend who also moderates my account checks for me. He’s better at it than I am. When it is your turn to give the prompt, do the replies come first to your account or to the RDP site? I was thinking perhaps certain moderators had more rigid controls than others, but if you’re all feeding directly into the same site, this would be false logic. Have you consulted a happiness engineer about this or are they, too , extinct? I’m not wanting to be a pest about this but am just intrigued by the puzzle and it would be so much easier on all of us–especially you–if WP could solve this problem. I promise. No more comments on this matter. Judy

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      2. The replies go to the RDP first and then shows up under my bell on my account immediately after. A lot of times I answer from under the bell as it’s faster. I do go directly to RDP from 0-3 times daily to check the spam folder generally as do others. I generally don’t check comments unless it’s my day although I check spam daily. On my own day Saturday, I go more often to RDP. Anyone of us can see the comments or spam folder and there are others who check both more often than I do. Most of us check more often on our own days especially on comments no matter how often we check on other days. The RDP is a free .com site. The .com sites generally have less of a problem on pingbacks then the .org sites since they’re on the same network. I have a free .com site and I’ve tested when my .org sites have a problem leaving a pingback, the .com site does not even if everything is the same (using the same post, tags, links). The thing on the pingback for the .org sites is that the .org people link up through the Jetpack widget. On top of that you have the Akismet spam widget for spam and what setting the user has that set at from moderate to severe. Also if either widget do updates, and they update frequently, it can effect pingbacks showing at all, landing in the spam folder, or showing correctly. Neither have info on how many tags or pingbacks can land you in the spam folder and also sometimes you don’t get into the WP reader search engine. The number of tags you use also have an effect. At least 10% of the time, my pingback does not show on RDP and my pingback doesn’t even show up in the spam folder. So I just leave a link in the comments and that always works. It used to irritate me on the Daily Post when I only posted to them that this would happen but it pushed me to find other poetry prompt sites. So in the end it was a good thing because I found the Menagerie, Real Toads, Carpe Diem Haiku and others.


  2. Thanks, MNL, for responding. I’m wondering, since a different person does the prompt each day of the week on RDP if some have their spam filters set more rigidly and others don’t? Your point is demonstrated by the fact that I just pingbacked immediately even though I used four prompts from four different sites just now and pingbacked to all four. Since I see my pingback above, it seems to prove your point rather than mine. Back to the drawing board. Just trying to find a solution to simplify things for us all. Thanks for helping.

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    1. When we post for RDP, we do so under that group site and there is a spam folder that we can all check, which we do. So when it is my day, anything that goes to spam will show up in the RDP spam folder and not my blog’s spam folder. I too have ended up in the RDP spam folder, on occasion, when I post. I don’t think it is connected to our personal blog’s settings. I too wish there was a solution.

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    2. Hi there Judy,
      I have the same problem and you may the answer. Somedays I can usually get 50% pingbacks to work. Mostly I seem to paste into comments as I’ve seen you do. It’s OK I suppose but if you like to schedule posts it can be annoying if only half of the ping backs work and you have to mess with it again later when you can. It can also bend then you have to send an email annoying when some sites have closed comments and you have to send an email 😑
      It my be something we have to live with!

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      1. Yes. I often don’t get back to that posting for the rest of the day and it is distressing to spend hours on a post and not know that it has been linked. Some days they all work. Some days none of them except the Mr. Linkys work. But when it is a single (using only one prompt and pinging back to only one site) I believe it always works. I’m going to try to take closer note.

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      2. Yes Mr Linky seems to be the good one! I find it also depends what order I do them. Some sites never pingback for me but if I do them first they always do 🤔. I’ll contact WP too. If enough mention it maybe they can fix it

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      3. I like Mr Linkys too. I use that one on my CactusCatz blog for the Tummy Tuesday so people can add things in plus people can add photos to their link. I was introduced to it on other poetry blogs as it seemed to make it easier for people using blogspot, wordpress and other blogging platforms to post. Pingbacks only work in the WP universe so personally I prefer Mr. Linky. However a lot of people prefer pingbacks because they don’t have to go to the site to add their link so they think pingbacks are easier. Still, with pingbacks they have to go to the site to make sure it shows up so I think the easiness of pingbacks vs Mr. Linkys evens out in the wash.


      4. I find it pretty easy so I do it on my own site. With 7 hosts here, I think some people were unfamiliar with it so we went an easier route. When I showed it in the beginning, one host quit because they thought it was too complicated and we had to get a replacement. After that, I didn’t bring it up again. Honestly I think for hosting, pingbacks are easier only in the short-run. Mr. Linkys is easier in the long-run as my experience is people have less issues with Mr. Linkys once they get used to it. Pingbacks not showing up and people ending up in the spam folder is an ongoing issue in using pingbacks. However, people leaving links in comments is a very good alternative.

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      5. I agree it’s annoying. I also wish more sites knew it was a problem and would not have their sites set to auto-delete spam. I think some people just assume everything works. I know I did until I ran into problems with the Daily Post — posting everyday soon teaches you that not every pingback works. It is a pain but I’ve gotten used to it over the past year. However once in a while it happens to a lot of people at once so it usually means something went wrong in the latest Jetpack update and they need to be informed pingbacks aren’t working normally as pingbacks work through the Jetpack widget.

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      6. I agree. Prompts are fun. That’s how I fell in love with wordpress and blogging — the Daily Post and the Weekly Photo Challenge. But since then I have found a world wide set of ongoing prompts.

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    3. The settings are the same for everyone as it’s a group site. The person who set up the group site is the administrator and anyone who is not set up as an administrator cannot see or change the settings except for sharing & polls. So the settings are pretty set. I don’t know if more than one person is the administrator as I can only see my profile and not all users as I’m not an administrator. I think this is true for most of the prompters. So I think you can assume the settings have been the same for a long time and the working or not working is based on the vagueries of the Jetpack widget, the Akismet widget, their updates and whatever changing standard is set for spam algorythms against number of tags and pingbacks in a post. Pingbacks not working is definitely more of a problem for .org people than it is for .com people.


  3. Pingback: writelee.com
  4. i, too, love the prompts and have grown fond of doing one post that incorporated the word prompts from four sites as it takes me off into unusual directions. Lately out of frustration over prompts not being published early enough or my pingbacks not working, I’ve been just doing single ones and the pingbacks seem to go better, but today, again, I did four-in-one. I guess the point is to do what gets us writing and we can always depend on the Reader to get it out there, if nothing else. Generally speaking, I do appreciate the prompt sites and know it is a lot of work to keep the machine running smoothly so hope all of you who get the prompts out to us know we appreciate it and we are having this discussion as a jam session hoping to come up with a solution. It is not meant in any manner to criticize your efforts. Here is a round of applause for all of those who “prompt” us to do our best work!!!! oxoxox

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    1. No worries. I don’t see it as criticism so much as frustration when WP mechanisms don’t work. Not much we can do about it as it’s a WP, Jetpack or Akismet thing. What we can do is set it so spam doesn’t automatically delete and fish people out of the spam folder if they land there. So that’s what we do. I’m a great believer in the serenity prayer — do what you can, work with what you have, try hard and delegate the rest to the proper people (oh, delegation wasn’t in it? huh, could’ve sworn it was)

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