The Ragtag Daily Prompt is a word that was used in a very public forum not too long ago. It has a few derivations which might be useful in the writing world.

The word for today is SEQUELAE.

From Merriam-Webster we learn the following:

“Sequelae is the plural form of the word sequela. We provide two senses for sequela: “an aftereffect of a disease, condition, or injury,” and “a secondary result.” The word comes to English from New Latin, which took it from the Latin sequel. The word came into English use in the late 18th century, typically found in medical contexts.”

“On these principles we may clearly account for the occurrence of a puerperal Ascites, and after the suppression of a diarrœa; and for many other diseases, as the sequelæ of some other affection.”
— Seguin Henry Jackson, Dermato-Pathologia, 1792

So, the challenge is to use the word or a derivation as an inspiration for prose, poetry, photography, drawing or any other creative type work. Post it with the tags RDP, Ragtag Daily Prompt, and “Sequelae”.



    1. Used by Ms. Ford in her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The reason I chose it was to expand understanding of the language. Obscure? Maybe. But necessary to understand what she was trying to tell all of us.

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