Ragtag Daily Prompt of the day : slapdash
Saturday, September 15, 2018

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I’ve always liked the word “slapdash”.


1. done too hurriedly and carelessly.
2. haphazard, slipshod
“he gave a slapdash performance”
synonyms:  careless, slipshod, hurried, haphazard, unsystematic, untidy, messy, hit-or-miss, negligent, neglectful, lax;
Moreinformal: sloppy, slaphappy, shambolic
“they did a slapdash job on the driveway”

1. hurriedly and carelessly.

From Merriam Webster:

The first known use of “slapdash” in English came in 1679 from the British poet and dramatist John Dryden, who used it as an adverb in his play The kind keeper; or Mr. Limberham: “Down I put the notes slap-dash.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines this sense in part as “[w]ith, or as with, a slap and a dash,” perhaps suggesting the notion of an action (such as painting) performed with quick, imprecise movements. Over 100 years later, the word acquired the adjectival sense with which we are more familiar today, describing something done in a hasty, careless, or haphazard manner.


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