It’s a public holiday here today and I’m free to spend it however I want to. So many things that keep popping into your head during a work day, don’t seem to be anywhere in sight when you actually have nothing to do.

Our word for today is “freedom”. What comes to your mind when you hear the word and the ways it can be used? You’re free to write a story, narrate an incident, share a poem or a picture – tell the world what the prompt means to you.

You know the rules. Use “ragtag daily prompt” , “RDP” , and “freedom” . Add “photo” if you’re sharing a picture, as specific tags make your posts more accessible to other bloggers. Pingback your posts to this page or copy-paste your links in the comment thread here. And while you’re around, browse through what your fellow bloggers have come up with using the day’s prompt.

Feel free to read, write, click, share. We love to hear and see it all!



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