I was introduce to this word early in my career. Some judge said something to the effect that I was just a potted plant and anyone could do my job. I responded in a less that courteous manner using the word “FUNGIBLE”.

He got in trouble. I got a raise. (OK. it was just a high-five but it was from my boss!)

You know the rules (most of you, I bet) just write what you will–a song, a poem, an essay, a story. Or send a photograph. Follow where this word leads you. Let your creativity run wild (sorta). Set your pingback and use the tags “RDP”, “Ragtag Daily Prompt” and “FUNGIBLE”.



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  3. It looks like I have to apologize – I might have done something really wrong with the post I made for this challenge, but I don’t know what… I’m very sorry. I would appreciate any suggestions.


      1. You are fine as far as I can tell. The post shows on our end. It is great! I did have to open it in a separate tab but that is probably operator error on my end. I liked it very much. Keep posting!

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      2. We’re all free to express and contribute our interpretation of each of the Ragtag Daily Prompts. There is no correct answer, or “off the subject” as long as it ties back to what the RDP is prompting.
        Everyone has different interests, so if someone’s interest matches with yours and is enticed enough to click, that’s great. If not, just try again. It’s an open community and everyone’s welcome.

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      3. This is funny! I don’t want to offend anybody and I’ll not point to specific posts, but many (or, ALL) of the participants here have tens of likes no matter the quality, except me. I’m far for being jealous. I’m just trying to understand what’s wrong with my posts, so I can correct myself, to the level of this challenge…hmm


      4. No one judges on what quality the posts are, there are some posts that people tend to like (as in the real English linguistic meaning of LIKE, not click on the starry Like button) and that’s what an open community is about – free to express our style and preferences.
        Our site is meant for sharing, and for people to come together on a common platform, and have fun. Enjoy the ride, and don’t get too hung up on the number of stars. 🙂

        WordPress has a Reader which has a “channel” called Discover. People share how they blog, and what make their blogs tick. You may want to check it out and try some of their tips. If not, go on Google, there are many such posts around that may help you.


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