Here is the Ragtag Daily Prompt for Thursday, 26 July 2018  —  SALVAGE.

Create a post (words/images/both) inspired by this word!  

Here at the Ragtag Community, our hearts go out to those affected by recent natural disasters, including the people in Greece, Laos and Japan, that have lost family members, homes and friends.  For many that are now returning to their homes, they face the difficult task of salvaging what they can.  Please give to any Recovery Appeals to help those in need.

Link to this post by creating a pingback, or paste the URL of your post into the comments below. Then, tag your post – “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, “RDP” and “Salvage”.   I’m looking forward to seeing your posts in response to this prompt.

Why not also check out some of our other wonderful contributors.

Take care.

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  1. Dear Readers, I’m off on holiday tomorrow for 3 weeks. I’ve scheduled some prompts. I won’t have time or WiFi to look at your contributions ‘promptly’ but I will get to them all at some time over the month. Enjoy and happy writing/photographing. Regards. Tracy.

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  2. This is a very interesting subject the theme, but I have another approach to it – I visited SALVAGE fisherman’s village in Newfoundland Canada a while ago and it’s a wonderful place. I’ll start with one single image post and I’ll make a more extensive article with many more photos from this place later today.
    Here it is: Lobster fishing boats Salvage Newfoundland, Canada: http://travelartpix.com/portfolio/lobster-fishing-boats-salvage-newfoundland/
    Thank you for looking 🙂

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    1. If you’re talking about the Friday challenge, it won’t post on Thursday night. I can see that it’s scheduled but it won’t go out until Friday morning so that everyone has time on Thursday to post on today’s word “Salvage” by Reflections of an Untidy Mind. For the prompters who schedule their prompts, they usually schedule it to post at noon GMT of the day it’s supposed to post. I handpost because I can’t figure out the GMT thing but several people schedule to create consistency. Check back after 12 noon GMT if you are looking for the Friday post.


      1. Oh, thank you for the clarification and sorry for my confusion… I thought that the challenges start and end at midnight GMT… but actually they start everyday at noon GMT and end at noon GMT next day. Right? – Good to know and sorry again!

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