RDP #Bonus: Hooyah

Bonus prompt of the day! Because, blessings!

This word is not in the dictionary yet, but who knows when.

hooyah (from the urban dictionary, because we’re ragtag like that).
  1. The battle cry for sea air land specwarriors, aka NAVY SEALS.
  2. An affirmative acknowledgment as in: I understand, HELL YEAH, Yes Sir, No Problem.

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  1. This morning, reading about the rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team, there was a picture of four of the brave men who rescued them. Under the photo was this caption:

    All four Thai Navy SEALS came out safely.
    Hooyah! Hooyah!

    And it caught my attention, I had never seen that word before and it was a perfect word.
    I actually read it out loud HOOYAH!! HOOYAH!!

    You can imagine my wonder to see it here, not ten minutes later! Anyway, good word choice and a new one for my vocabulary.

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  2. There was a very famous movie where this was the favorite expression by the main character.. who is also very famous and his name escapes me as well. It’s four in the morning. My excuse. I’m sure someone will fill in the blanks..


  3. I only saw this today, so better late than never. Funny thing was I saw this bit of “Hooyah” the day before yesterday and realised it would be ideal for the goats, they feel so left out sometimes.

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