Ragtag Daily Prompt of the day : Fluke
Saturday, June 30, 2018

Create a new post inspired by today’s prompt.

Feel free to be inspired to write fiction, nonfiction or create photos, art

For those who like to rhyme, some possibilities:  kook, duke, puke, rebuke, spook, nuke, cuke (cucumber). And no, you don’t have to rhyme.  I do haiku so I’m not rhyming.

1. unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.
2. a parasitic flatworm that typically has suckers and hooks for attachment to the host. Some species are of veterinary or medical importance.
3. a flatfish, especially a flounder.
4. a broad triangular plate on the arm of an anchor.
5. either of the lobes of a whale’s tail.

definitions from Dictionary.com

Please tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt”. Also create a pingback to fluke (copying and pasting this link should work). If the pingback doesn’t work, copy your link in the comments below. Do give pingbacks a little time to be approved as they need to be moderated to avoid spammers.

Featured image:  whale flukes photograph by Steve Halama on Unsplash



  1. Reblogged this on Curious Cat and commented:

    Happy weekend, all ye bloggers! MNL has chosen “fluke” as today’s prompt to conclude the month. Follow the link below for instructions on how to participate. If you already know the rules, get writing. We look forward to everyone’s interpretation of today’s word.

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  2. Once again, I’ve tried twice to link to you. It works for me, but I don’t show up here. (i.e. when I click on the link in my blog, it brings me to this page, but my blog doesn’t show up here. It’s been several hours and others have posted since then. Please check and see if I’m in your spam folder? Thanks

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    1. I did, and you were, Judy, and I’ve gotten you out. I am uncertain of why this happens. The world and the blogosphere are full of mysteries. I’ll keep working on it, and I’m sorry that it keeps happening.

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      1. You’re not the only one. Every once in a while I check the spam folder and so far when there has been something there, it’s been a legit blogger. Not here but on friend’s sites, I’ve been told I’ve landed in the spam folder more than once. That’s why I don’t do an automatic spam checker but rather manually moderate all my comments. It’s difficult to do that here due to too many pingbacks so several of us the check spam folder regularly.


      2. Oh, I should add from my perspective you are not the one I most often see in the spam folder. I generally see one other blogger but I most often check in the afternoon or night Arizona time. So folks checking mornings may be seeing people there that I don’t.

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    2. Unfortunately, yes, you seem to be the most frequent flyer in the spam folder. I suspect it is because your website address has many consecutive consonants without vowels (just guessing the mysteries in the blogosphere) or that your posts has more than two hyperlinks on them.

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      1. Yes, I do, too. Fandango has been showing up in mine lately. Many times it is when I go to answer a comment that the comment I’m answering goes into the trash. Even when I’m sure I hit the correct “button.”

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      2. I get a lot of real spam in my blog, they come up with an entire series of “what ?”s and it is obvious with their sexxxxxxyyyyy website addresses and lots of incoherent consonants and numbers in their user email accounts.


    3. My other theory, Judy, is that because some of us are posting and commenting more since the demise of the WP Daily Prompt, we are ending up in people’s spam folders because of the Akismet algorithm. I think this is what WP advised Fandango. But it is just a theory. Of course, we wouldn’t be posting and commenting more if WP had kept their daily prompt in the first place. Just another theory, and probably just as wrong as the other one.

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      1. That’s strange on WP’s part — that algorithm should go the other way. The more people comment, the more likely it is to be a conversation.

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      2. This explanation of Akismet says …”If you submit a comment on a site, and you do not see your comment text along with a notice saying awaiting moderation, then you should immediately contact the site administrator. They can help pull your comment out of the spam box, and overtime Akismet will learn from its mistakes.” So I guess if I keep reporting that I’m not getting posted and you keep correcting it, Akismet will eventually learn. Seems a poor solution, though. Seems like there should just be a place where you can okay someone as not being Spam.

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      3. I actually agree with your theory (guess I’m wild that way)!
        None of us really tested all these pingbacks and comments/links stuff much in our own blogs before the disappearance of WPDP. We probably didn’t even know there’s a spam folder before this.
        So I guess, Akismet really has to learn (EVENTUALLY) about how we humans work, just like we are getting to know how Akismet works.
        *Wilder theory thrown into the pool*

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  3. Pingback: Minke – Sgeoil
    1. You can always post after the day. Feel free to post any time. It’s just you’re more likely to get readers if you post the same day as most people don’t backtrack over past days.

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