Celebratory Post For Ragtaggers

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend! It’s still monsoon season here, though the sun peeks out in bits and it’s not all gloomy downpours like the last few weeks. As we conclude June, the Ragtag community officially completes a month. (Woohoo!!!)

For those who joined in late, ragtag started off with a bunch of us bloggers who actively participated with the Daily Post, and were disheartened when it was discontinued. We connected with each other and realized there were many more bloggers who looked forward to the daily prompts – newbies who were looking for something to write about, veterans who wanted to keep those writing skills sharpened, and those somewhere in the middle who just liked connecting with other bloggers on a common platform.

Our team of seven takes turns each day of the week to set the prompt. We are scattered around the globe, across different time zones – from Europe, the US, Canada, Asia, and  Australia. You might find the prompts posted at different times of the day, but the good news is, someone or the other is always online to read your posts when you share them. Here are your prompters, if you don’t know them already.

Monday:  Sgeoil

Tuesday: From Pyrenees to Pennines

Wednesday: Curious Cat

Thursday: Tracy, Reflections of an Untidy Mind

Friday: Steph, Curious Steph

Saturday: Mary, Cactus Haiku

Sunday: Gizzylaw, Talkin’ to Myself

A huge shout out to all who joined the ragtag community and have been actively participating in the daily prompts. If you haven’t missed a single day, give yourself a pat on the back! Those who missed certain prompts or joined the group late, you can browse through all prompts and posts in the archives.

Keep reading, writing and sharing. We love to see and hear it all!


  1. Happy first month anniversary to the Rag Tag Team and thank you so much for all the good work you are putting in! :o) xxx

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  2. I try to get to you every day, though I think days are coming where I’ll be lucky to get anywhere on the net at all. But I promise to try and I deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep us all going as a group. I’m sure as time goes on, there will be more people joining, more people taking part. Be patient and remember — the Daily Post was also not built in a day. it started out just like this, with lists and it grew from there. We will get there 😀

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