Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt:  Limerence. 


New words come into English all the time. Often they’re borrowed (stolen?) from other languages, words such as tsunami, boomerang and graupel. Sometimes they’re made up, like “limerence.” This word crossed my mind out of nowhere a couple of days ago, and I thought it might be fun (even if the word came and more-or-less went before your time). 🙂



  1. I went back through my whole life and tried to remember all the cases of limerance (yes, a new word for me, too) and discovered I’d already written about all of them, so I am reblogging this poem about the general topic. It puts the state somewhat in the present, even though I’ve not had that feeling for quite a while, at least not in an unrequited sense. My pingback is above. Thanks, Martha, for the prompt.

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    If you haven’t already seen this, here’s today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt. Have fun. Be sure and follow the Ragtag community page so that you will automatically get the prompt. I’m going to stop reblogging the post after today!


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    We’re ten days into the Ragtag Daily Prompts and our word for the day is “limerence”. I’m reblogging Martha’s post on her prompt selection. Do follow the ragtag community where all the prompters post on a common platform – in case you have missed any days, or just want to browse through the archives.


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