Welcome to the Ragtag Community Blog.  This is the place where all our Ragtag Daily Prompts will be located, so it should be much easier for everyone to play along.  We are indebted to Leaping Toes from Oh Border! for establishing the Ragtag Community Blog for us and for you.

Without further ado, here is the Ragtag Daily Prompt for Thursday, 7 June 2018.  We invite you to post something related to purple If you use “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, “RDP”, and “Purple” as tags, it will be easier find others who have also used this prompt.  Creating a Pingback to this post will make your post easier to find.  For information on how to create a Pingback see here.  Alternatively copy and paste a link to your post into the Comments Section below.

I encourage you to have a look at what other people have posted.  This will help us build a stronger community.  If it is someone you haven’t visited before, say hello and make them feel welcome.

Happy writing and/or snapping.  Thanks for participating!

Oh yes, and follow us too.

Kind Regards

Ragtag Daily Prompt Team




    1. Really can’t see all the excitement. Where are the posts? I’ve done my daily on “purple” pinged it back (I thought) and just cannot find it.
      What’s up?

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      1. If the pingback doesn’t show (and I’ve looked but don’t see it), just paste the link in a comment below. Occasionally pingbacks don’t show. I had that problem with the old Daily Post in the past but there was no place to just paste a link when that happened. At least here, pasting links is a good backup.

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    1. If you want the link to show without looking like a link. There is a tab on the post you would write that says html. Post it in there and then go back to Visual and you will see it in blue on that post. I discovered that somewhere along the way. Happy posting!

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